Analog Nurse Call Systems – Affordable, Reliable with Easy Installation

Intercall Systems is known for its limitless featured digital nurse call Ultra System, but we are also committed to our analog nurse call products. Analog systems have been around for many years and there is still a demand for them. Intercall Systems has continued production and has upgraded the systems over the years with newer components. All of our systems are compatible ensuring each generation of system is operational with each other.

Over the past fifty years nurse call systems have evolved with the growing demands of health care communication needs. Patient, staff and administration needs for added features can increase each year, all adding more complexity and costs to nurse call systems. But wait, do you really need all the features that could be available?  How about having only features that are needed and not having to pay for those you might never need or use?  There is a solution.

Consider the analog nurse call systems; the affordable, reliable, low maintenance systems that are easy to install and train for your staff.   Yes, it’s “Back to the Future,” where an analog system with current engineering and quality construction could be exactly what you need and save you money and time by not having features you would never need. If your project doesn’t require voice communications, then the Intercall Vista Series may be your best choice.

The Intercall Vista Series (Lights & Tone System) is one of our most popular systems over the years for the simple facts that it has only the features you need, its reliable, easy to use and often the least expensive option for your nurse call needs.  The robustness of the Vista Series is that the system can have up to three levels of calls (normal, emergency and code blue/staff emergency) and show up to 150 calls in the system.  The Vista’s annunciator panels are available in four versions.

If your needs are for voice communications and more features, Intercall Systems has the Legend II and Equinox II systemsthat offer expanded features from the Vista Systems, to the nearly limitless features of the Ultra Systems.  With Intercall Systems, you have a choice in Nurse Call Systems.

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