Answering the Call: Decoding the Labyrinth of Healthcare Communications

When in the market for nurse call communication equipment, sometimes it feels like an ocean of vendors vying for your bid, but perhaps it is more like a flood. A deluge of new names and faces are out there in hot pursuit of your business.  How can the decision maker not feel inundated with information as buzzwords fall from the technology tree like ripe plums? Yet this situation need not be code blue, Intercall Systems Inc. is the one voice equipped to rise above the chatter.

Reliability is Key

Be it simple or elaborate, a nurse call communications network an institution can count on is an essential component to staff efficiency and the patient’s wellbeing – it is very much the pulse of your medical facility! With that said, it is not a one-size-fits-all market. Choosing the right system, combined with intelligent customization for the unique needs of the care center in question, is the strategy that will build a communication infrastructure that will yield dependable service for a lifetime.

Getting the Job Done

Intercall Systems Inc. is a company of engineers and designing nurse call systems happens to be our passion. We offer several modalities as a place to start. Here is an overview…

When Less is More – The Vista Series: Tone and light nurse call systems have stood the test of time. For some establishments the settings of an ornate system can be too much of a good thing. If extraneous noise will create disturbance or overstimulation, the Vista series could be the right call. While simple, the Vista series is versatile, able to accommodate up to 150 calls, and can be customized with corridor directional signals for faster response. Patient, staff and duty stations are intuitive to operate making Vista one of the sturdiest, low-maintenance systems on the market today.

Sound & Vision – The Legend and Equinox Series: Don’t be fooled – Analog still has its rightful place in the nurse call communication world. For voice communication will always live at the heart of getting one’s message across. With this in mind, Intercall Systems offers two audio visual-based models that remain among our best-selling units.

The Legend II is an analog system that can accommodate anywhere between 12 and 84 stations with staff dispatch, staff emergency, code blue, nurse follower, group, and all call paging capabilities – ideal for the budget conscious smaller to mid-size institution.

When additional features are required, where micro processing is in order to help handle the requirements, the Equinox II is up to the task. A robust system that can handle as few as 24, and as many as 72 call locations, the liquid crystal master display (LCD) of the Equinox II blends light, tone and voice signals so that multiple layers of information can be relayed with clarity. Programmable features include nurse follower, room audio scan, patient status, staff page plus group and all page capabilities.

User-friendly nurse, patient, and emergency stations customizations are available for both the Legend and Equinox series, are living proof that ease of use need not be sacrificed for system sophistication.

When More is More – The Ultra Series is for establishments that demand an advanced nurse call communications investment. The advanced technology of Intercall’s Ultra Series offers a multi-tier solution to this need.

he Ultra 9000 Series room to room communications is a high-end tool built within the Ultra series software. Hands-free device components are in place for busy nurses on the go, while patient bed exit alarms and staff locater systems are in place for today’s advanced hospital security needs.  Touch-screen master stations can visually display status of up to 144 hospital rooms in real time. The Ultra series can even produce spreadsheet status reports and manage nurse duty shifts all in one contained system.

Yet this abundance of power is harnessed with intelligent design. Caregiver and patient alike can find common ground in the Ultra Series’ accessibility, while the healthcare manager has the confidence of a long-term solution with the capacity the customize as institution’s needs change and grow.

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